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Wagon Summary:
B505313, B507397, B507489, B737695.

The Wagons

British Railways built over 20,000 'Conflat A' wagons to six different designs or 'diagrams', although all were basically similar. The most numerous were those built to diagram 1/069 which numbered almost 12,000; these were built in 13 batches or 'lots' including a single lot of 5,550 wagons built by Pressed Steel; it is not surprising, therefore, that three of ours come from this batch.

Even within each 'diagram' there were design variations, most notably the official rating of the vehicles which seemed to vary between 11 and 14 tons.

The Great Central Railway's Conflat collection currently consists of the following wagons:

Future plans

There are enough containers in the collecton to justify several further wagon arrivals. It would be particularly nice to get some examples of the earlier designs. At present, though, the focus is on restoring the examples already on site.

One 'longer term' plan is to find an example of a Conflat B. 70 of these vehicles were converted from Pipe wagons (a sort of open wagon) and if, as suspected, the design is now extinct, the plan is to find a redundant Pipe wagon and use it as the basis for the 71st conversion. This will be used to display two AFP containers which, hopefully, will be restored to their original 'Birds Eye' livery.

You might like to visit the website of my other wagon, Palbrick B B462772. I am currently focussing on this project - which explains the apparent lack of progress on the Conflats.

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